Buying through National Business Brokerage
The purchase of a business is different from any other purchase you have made. With over 2,500 transactions, National Business Brokerage has a proven process that gives you a clear understanding of the entire transaction.

NBB can originate, identify and screen prospective businesses based on your defined criteria and preferences. This includes but is not limited to targeting acquisition candidates by geography, category and market size. Our searches are nationwide, regional or local and offer you the ability to consider business opportunities before they are marketed to the general public.

Exploring Alternatives:
We carefully ascertain your goals so we may assist you in evaluating multiple options.

Industry Expertise:
Frequent contact with buyers and sellers involved in recent transactions keeps us informed of market conditions and focused on the key factors affecting the value of businesses.

Broad Market Access:
As the leading intermediary firm in the business industry, we have a reputation that enables us to quickly and discreetly access key decision-makers and current opportunities.

Comprehensive Information:
As a qualified buyer you will have access to detailed information on each acquisition opportunity. The business review typically includes an executive summary, business history, market analysis, asset and equipment list, demographic information and financial history.

Transaction Experience:
Very few transactions close effortlessly. We resolve the difficult issues that often arise at the last minute and can threaten the consummation of the transaction. Much of our success stems from our ability to combine our financial expertise with our experience in managing the resolution of non-financial issues.

Periodic Updates:
As a registered buyer you will receive regular notification from NBB as businesses meeting your acquisition criteria become available.

We assist buyers with the following:
Buyers Search and Introduction
Drafting the Offer to Purchase
Contract Negotiations and Closing
Transactional Support
Interface with Attorneys, Accountants, and Landlords
Establishing Financing Relationships

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